Scott Cordova selected as Finalist for Young Investigator Award at WMIC

Early last month, our MD/PhD student, Scott Cordova, was selected as a Second Place finalist for the Young Investigator Award at the annual World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) meeting. In August, Cordova was selected as a finalist to present on behalf of our abstract on improving brain tumor surgery by combining spectroscopic MR imaging and biomarker guidance. Cordova, who was the first author of the runner-up abstract, underwent a rigorous, multiple stage selection process in the highly-regarded competition before he was announced as a finalist. The selection process included an initial abstract review, an oral presentation to the review board, and a regularly-scheduled oral presentation at the WMIC conference in Honolulu. At their WMIC oral presentations, potential finalists were evaluated on basis of their science, slides, oration, and responses to questions from the audience. The WMIC is a truly international meeting at which over 3,000 attendees from all over the world meet annually, so Cordova’s selection as a finalist in competition with the best and brightest young researchers is an accomplishment well worth noting.


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